begins operating in South America
Latest News begins operating in South America begins operating in South America

Official announcement of The launch of the wallet in South America is already a fact, its headquarters are located in Colombia & nbsp; BuyBitcoins.Site SAS & nbsp; right in the future country of Blockchain since A few days it is preparing its launch and today it is quite a fact its form or style of work is. Based on franchises by country, the company sells in the countries that are interested in buying its franchise the rights of the company to other companies that want to launch this product in their country.



New Tools

The wallet has tools to triangulate operations with double guarantee deposit giving greater security to those who like to send money remittances in any currency.



Cha with user before the trade.

The platform is equipped with a chat that you can use to debug doubts before a shop and so on To be able to guarantee that everything will go very well, this tool is not available to other wallets since the user has to open the operation to ask a question and sometimes it ends up in a bad score by the other person. . & nbsp;