Now we are connected with BitGo & Vouched
Latest News is Now Connected with BitGo & Vouched ID is Now Connected with BitGo & Vouched ID

We want to ensure that our users are fully secure from the dark world. When you sign up on you will get a free wallet.But this is more important  how to keep it more secure. Now we are happy to announce that now we are connected with Bitgo & Vouched.ID Now our users can enjoy a non-risky trading through our site.

What is BitGo?
BitGo is a digital asset trust company and security company. It was founded in 2013 by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport. The company offers a multisignature bitcoin wallet service, where keys are divided among a number of owners to manage risk.

What Is Vouched?
Meet Vouched. Vouched is a patent pending AI focused on Identity Proofing & Verification. We're founded and developed to help you detect fraud in real time .