PewDiePie Pushes Video Game That Gives Out Crypto
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PewDiePie Pushes Video Game That Gives Out Crypto

PewDiePie Pushes Video Game That Gives Out Crypto

The YouTube star unveiled a Pokemon-style game that lets players collect cryptocurrencies in the real world.

Pewdiepie, the world-famous gamer, and YouTube sensation, is promoting a novel, Pokemon-style game called Wallem,
and selling his own “PewDiePie skin” as a non-fungible token (NFT).The Wallem AR blockchain game is not the first
time the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie has endorsed distributed ledger technology. In February 2018, Pewdiepie
fun at Youtubers who shilled the Bitconnect crypto Ponzi. Then in April 2019, Pewdiepie joined the live streaming
platform Dlive, an alternative to video platform Twitch.

Wallem is an augmented reality (AR) video game for iOS and Android users. The AR is integrated with the real world
similar to the well known AR game Pokémon. In addition to the AR and 3D world, Wallem leverages the Ethereum
blockchain for a native game currency called pteria (PTE) and NFT-powered skins and items.

The game’s inventor, Andrea Bempensante, said that a future version of the game will allow players to steal tokens
from each other. An “open wallet” will display the value of tokens captured by players, who must then protect their
stash with special items or by moving away and turning off the application.

PewDiePie is no stranger to blockchain-based applications. Last year, he partnered with decentralized video streaming
platform DLive, only to leave it for his home turf YouTube. But he hasn’t abandoned crypto.