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Buybitcoins and Kevin Hart! Latest Statement about bitcoins

Buybitcoins and Kevin Hart! Latest Statement about bitcoins

Popular actor Kevin Hart gave hid statement about bitcoins this weekend during an all-star charity event to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). He told viewers that cryptocurrency is a legitimate investment after calling it “voodoo money.”


Kevin Hart's statement

Kevin  Hart is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. He shouted out this weekend that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legitimate investments during a livestream event for MDA USA.When he was asked by one of his celebity friends, Jay Ellis, if MDA accepts “Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of those cryptocurrencies,”  Hart responded with confusion.

“We don’t take the voodoo. So if you’re out here trying to give us the voodoo money, we don’t, what? We do take the voodoo. Oh wait, this is actually take cryptocurrencies — I’m told it’s a legit investment worth almost $250 billion. Okay yeah, we do take it. Ok, we take it.”

This comes shortly after Kanye West, the world-famous artist and designer, discussed Bitcoin with Joe Rorgan. He said yesterday in a recent episode of the podcast:

“A lot of the tech guys can use these new highways, these new information highways, to create the next frontier of humanity.”


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