Buybitcoins and Kanye West! News Update
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Buybitcoins and Kanye West! News Update

Buybitcoins and Kanye West! News Update


U.S. presidential candidate Kanye West speaks in favour of bitcoins. He knows that bitcoin has power to change anyone’s life.

Kanye West is one of the world’s best-selling musicians, having sold over 140 million records worldwide. In the three hours

Kayne West was on Joe Rogan’s world-famous podcast, a number of subjects were discussed. Interestingly, Bitcoin and

crypto assets also entered the mix.

Kanye West Talks Bitcoin

“There’s a possibility that I could [win]. It’s actually technically possible for me to win now which would be the best option for America,” he told Rogan.

“Bitcoiners Know the True Liberation of America and Humanity”

“a lot of tech guys were able to use the new information highways and create the next frontier of our existence,” he continued.


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