Bitcoin Price Hits $15,000 in Major Surge Upwards
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Bitcoin Price Hits $15,000 in Major Surge Upwards

Bitcoin Price Hits $15,000 in Major Surge Upwards

Bitcoin's price is pushing towards values not seen since Bitcoin's 2017 bull run. Could there be a return of $20,000 Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin has reached the $15,000 mark, a figure not seen since January 2018—shortly after Bitcoin's epic 2017 bull
run. This continued push upwards has put 97% of Bitcoin holders into profit.It has been a strong few weeks for Bitcoin's price.
On September 8, Bitcoin was sitting around the $10,000 mark. Since then, the coin has rocketed upwards, smashing through multiple significant price targets and now reaching the $15,000 figure—up 50%.

It has been a good year so far for Bitcoin's price too. Since starting the year at $7,200, the cryptocurrency is now up 108%.
"At $15,000, Bitcoin has broken through every recent resistance level and is creeping up towards all-time highs. This is showing
that Bitcoin has really proven itself to institutional investors, and confidence in it as hard money is also at all-time highs,"
said Artur Sapek, founder of Cryptowatch, a real-time crypto markets platform and subsidiary of Kraken. "As the digitalization of
global markets continues, it will be interesting to keep an eye on alts; Bitcoin is probably a leading indicator of this type of